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Canadian airline ordered to pay passenger for cancelled flight

A man's Vancouver-to-San Francisco flight with Flair Airlines was cancelled due to a lack of crew members.
Flair Airlines has been ordered to pay for a cancelled flight. Photo courtesy Flair

B.C.’s Civil Resolution Tribunal has ordered a Canadian airline to reimburse a passenger for costs after it cancelled a flight.

In her April 29 decision, tribunal member Kate Campbell said Rafael Levinstein booked a return flight from Vancouver to San Francisco with Flair Airlines but said the airline cancelled the fight due to a lack of crew members.

The outbound flight was Dec. 1, 2022 returning two days later.

Levinstein said Flair then booked him on another flight five days later, which was after his scheduled return flight.

He sought $1,000 in compensation for the cancelled flight.

Campbell said Flair admitted the booked flight was cancelled, but said it followed the applicable legislation and offered Levinstein a re-booked flight, but he declined it.

Flair said Levinstein is only entitled to $125 in compensation.

Campbell said Flair emailed Levinstein saying the flight was cancelled due to “controllable late arrival of crew.”

“Based on this, I find Flair cancelled the flight for a reason within its control,” Campbell said.

She said Flair refunded the unused portion of his ticket and ordered the airline pay him $125.