Hollywood movies and romantic books always talk about the dream crush that ends up as “They lived happily ever after…” Well, in reality, things might slightly differ. Or in some cases, innocent chats can turn into cheats.

And while there’s nothing wrong if colleagues are having an affair (that’s one of the most common ways to find a partner, after all), learning that your spouse is cheating with co-worker is totally different.

In this article, we will look at some signs your partner is cheating at work or even going further–with having a 9-to-5 relationship.

Why Do Affairs at Work Happen?

It’s not uncommon to hear whispers that your coworkers are having an affair. Workplace dynamics and prolonged hours can stir unexpected emotions, leading individuals down paths they might not tread otherwise. But what sparks these clandestine encounters?

someone is cheating with a coworker

1. Long Hours Spent Together

Many affairs start under the most unassuming circumstances. The transformation from colleagues to friends can be swift, especially when time spent inside and outside the workplace overlaps. Consider this: dedicating 40 hours weekly with a colleague often surpasses the quality time one shares with their significant other. 

The ample interaction, coupled with shared experiences and challenges, can inadvertently kindle deeper connections. And it’s not some gossip talk you can hear from aunties; research supports this observation. Astonishingly, studies indicate that about 60% of affairs stem from the workplace.

2. Many Long Marriages Have Already Become “Boring”

Marriages, like old wine, can mellow over time, but let’s face it, some just end up flat. After years of partnership, the spark may sputter, replaced by a familiar routine. 

This monotony could be a sign for some to wander and seek excitement elsewhere. And where better to find it than at work, where innocent friendships can turn into shaking sheets before you know it? 

If your husband suddenly becomes a “chusband” (chatting more with his colleague than you) and your sixth sense tingles, perhaps there are signs your husband is cheating with a coworker. Always remember, where there’s smoke, there’s often a fire… or at least some heated moments!

How Common Are Workplace Affairs?

When sniffing into office politics, we sometimes stumble upon the less-discussed alleyways of “horizontal refreshment.” Office corridors have an unsaid allure, where brief glances become more than just professional acknowledgment. 

When routines at home become stagnant, many find a piece (or peace) outside the home. But how common are these office adventures?

Let’s have a look at the numbers; they don’t lie:

  • A shocking 40% admit to straying from their current partner’s embrace into the arms of a colleague.
  • When business trips roll around, 35% of individuals confess to some off-the-books indulgence, making these trips more than just about closing deals.
  • Almost 30% of those involved in office romances craft a breakup strategy, so they can have a smooth landing when things don’t work out as expected.

13 Signs Your Partner Is Cheating With a Coworker

“Is my boyfriend cheating at work?” is a common question, but this can apply to both men and women. In the next section, we’ll jump through some good warning signs that can indicate something’s fishy in the relationship.

1. They’re Frequently Working Late

It’s a scenario as old as time: someone frequently working late, often setting off the alarm bells of suspicion. If you find yourself wondering if a man is cheating at work every time he misses dinner, you’re not alone in your skepticism. 

Sorry, but we’re yet to find people who genuinely prefer the dim lights of the office to the joys of a warm family dinner and special moments with their spouse and kids. Not to say there aren’t genuine late-night workaholics or pressing deadlines – sure, there are. 

And while it’s not impossible for someone to be genuinely swamped, let’s say it – it’s highly improbable. So, the next time “overtime” becomes the routine excuse, you might want to look a bit deeper.

2. They’re Having Weekend Shifts

When someone suddenly claims weekend shifts, eyebrows inevitably rise. Especially when we’re talking about a typical 9-to-5 office role, it’s a deviation that’s hard to gloss over. 

Sure, if there’s an emergency like a major factory outage, it’s comprehensible. But without such circumstances, this new “commitment” becomes questionable. 

Are they really punching numbers, or is something else afoot? After all, most people slog through the week precisely for those glorious, work-free weekends. 

3. They Now Have Business Trips or Lengthier Meetings

When the frequency of business trips or the duration of meetings begins to increase out of the blue, it can sometimes raise eyebrows. While business trips happen every now and then, and extended meetings can be part of the job, the context matters. 

If these changes are coupled with other signs he’s cheating at work, it may warrant a closer look. He may become more protective of his phone or distant after returning from these trips. 

4. They’re Constantly Talking About a Coworker

It’s natural for someone to mention coworkers in passing conversations, given the hours spent together at work. However, when your partner’s daily recount starts to revolve predominantly around a particular colleague, it might set off subtle alarms. 

And that’s, unfortunately, never a good sign. The consistent and animated chatter about one individual, especially if the colleague is from the opposite sex, can indicate more than just a professional rapport. It might hint at a growing emotional intimacy or fascination. 

5. They Start Messaging All the Time

We’re “The Digital Generation,” and anyone born in the 80s and afterward is aware of it. In a world where your granny can start looking for a hookup, it’s hard to get surprised by chat apps. Or at least that’s what you’d think.

Beware. Work chats here and there aren’t the worst thing on the planet. However, if you get him/her spending more time on the phone than with you, it’s time to start asking questions.

6. They’re Less or More Interested in Sex

Sexual desire and intimacy should not be an issue. Not until your 60s, at least. Having your spouse around should end up with mingling, and this is normal. Married people do that. Married people with kids…also do it.

If your partner doesn’t get “in the mood,” it might be due to more stress at work. However, if they don’t show any interest in you for more than two months, you can start worrying. There might be someone else sharing the bed.

7. They Keep Arguing With You

There’s nothing bad in a healthy argument. All couples go through it every now and then. The problem is when this “event” becomes a norm. 

It’s not a clear sign that your partner is cheating at work, but the growing frustration can be like a slow poison that can rotten a relationship pretty fast.

my husband is having an affair at work

8. They’ve Changed Their Appearance

All of a sudden, your goofy partner is trying to dress up? Well, you might be in trouble. While good outfits can help boost confidence, changing the habits overnight might be fishy. 

If your partner buys a luxury perfume and nice clothes, don’t be too quick to applaud them. There might be someone else appreciating their great looks. 

9. They Critically Comment on Your Appearance

Being self-critical about your appearance is more than normal. However, if he or she starts to criticize you (especially publicly) for how you look, that should ring some bells.

It usually happens when people have a boost in confidence, so it’s not out of the game to have a “third wheel” at work that is doing just that.

10. They Stop Hanging with Your Mutual Friends

Hanging out with friends is pretty common for couples, as you can share some interesting experiences together with your close buddies. 

If your partner doesn’t have an interest in catching up on the latest gossip or your mutual friends are no longer close, that’s alright. However, making a shift without mentioning a reason can be concerning.

11. They Can’t Clearly Describe the Missing Money

When noticeable amounts start to vanish from joint accounts or personal savings, and your partner can’t provide a clear explanation, it’s unsettling. The mysteries surrounding the missing money can lead to growing doubt and mistrust. Are they spending on secret rendezvous, gifts for someone else, or perhaps covering expenses they’d rather you not know about?

Such financial murkiness can destabilize a relationship’s foundation, as it isn’t just about money but also trust and partnership. For couples, money often represents more than currency—it signifies shared goals, faith, and future plans. 

12. They Don’t Like the Idea of You Visiting Their Office

The workplace often serves as an extension of one’s personal space. It’s where colleagues become friends, and for some, these bonds may lead to something deeper, even an office affair. If your partner once welcomed you to their office for lunch breaks or occasional visits and suddenly grows apprehensive at the mere suggestion, it could be a red flag. Such a shift in attitude can raise suspicions. Why the sudden change? What or who don’t they want you to see or interact with?

A heightened desire for office privacy might indicate they’re shielding something—or someone—from your view. It becomes especially concerning if they become overly defensive or evasive when probed. 

13. You Find Another Person’s Belongings

Stumbling upon another person’s belongings in spaces you share intimately with your partner can be a jarring experience. Whether it’s an unfamiliar piece of jewelry on the dresser, a stray garment that doesn’t belong to either of you or a personal item that’s unmistakably out of place, such discoveries can send the mind racing. 

Instantly, questions arise: “Whose is this? Why is it here?” While it could be a benign oversight, say a forgotten item from a recent gathering or visit, it might also hint at deeper issues, especially if other signs of infidelity are present. 

We can’t think of a bigger red flag than this, quite honestly. This is why we’d advise you to follow the next section of our article – finding what to do after you’ve realized you’ve been cheated on.

What Can You Do When Your Spouse Cheats On You

It’s a disheartening thought, and one no one ever wishes to contemplate: “I think my husband is cheating on me at work.” The lingering doubt can weigh down the heaviest of hearts, and when it turns out your suspicions are true, the ground beneath might shift. 

The betrayal, the broken trust, and the surge of emotions can be overwhelming. Dealing with that situation requires patience, clarity, and, above all, self-care. Here’s a roadmap to guide you:

  1. Try to sleep it over for a few days first: Your first reaction might be to confront or act immediately. But emotions are high, and a few nights of sleep can offer some clarity.
  1. Decide the severity: All cheating isn’t the same. Determine if it was just a fleeting moment of weakness or an ongoing relationship. While neither is easy to digest, the latter can be more challenging to move past.
  1. Children: Factor in the kids. Their well-being, emotions, and future should be at the forefront. Will they be better off with parents who try to mend things or with separated parents who might be happier apart?
  1. Consider couples therapy: A neutral, professional perspective can help untangle the mess, provide coping mechanisms, and offer guidance on moving forward, be it together or apart.
  1. One last chance: Depending on the circumstances, you might consider giving your spouse another chance. Trust is hard to rebuild, but with effort, transparency, and time, some couples find their way back to each other.
  1. Separation without much harm If reconciliation isn’t an option, then parting ways might be best. When there’s no other option than to leave, you must do what’s best for everyone. Don’t show anger. Impulsive reactions can do more harm than good.

How Can Radaris Help?

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For instance, if you’re suspecting untruths in your personal relationships, Radaris can provide insights so you can be more aware of what’s going on “behind the curtains.”

We live in interesting times, where relationships and interactions often have a digital footprint, and having a tool like Radaris offers an added layer of security. It helps ensure that the person you’re wedded with (or simply dating) is genuine and their intentions are sincere.


It’s tough to swallow that he’s having an affair at work (or she.) Findings about infidelity are often disgruntling and can cause a lot of stress at home. And if you have children, things can get even more complicated.

However, before you jump to a conclusion, we have to warn you that you should be 100% sure that what you suspect is true. While your suspicions will most likely turn out to be true, in some cases, your partner may be loyal, and you could’ve made wrong assumptions, hurting them deeply.

But if you’re the one having an affair, we’d advise you to stop that. Not only does it damage your loved ones, but it can cost you dearly when it comes to your professional life – workplace relationships often end up with both colleagues leaving their jobs.


How to know if your husband is cheating at work?

If you suspect your husband is cheating at work, look for signs such as increased overtime, sudden secrecy about his phone or work events, emotional distance, unexplained expenses, and frequent mentions of a particular coworker. Changes in clothing or decreased intimacy can also be indicators. 

How to tell if someone is cheating with a coworker?

Some signs someone is cheating with another coworker might include observing them taking frequent breaks together, sharing private jokes, noticing tension or chemistry, secretive or prolonged meetings, and consistent communication outside of work hours. Their body language around each other and exclusivity in social situations also offer hints. Yet, these observations don’t guarantee an affair, so don’t “state” facts if all you have are assumptions.

Is she having an affair at work?

If you suspect your girlfriend or wife is having an office affair, the best thing to do is to look for signs that may indicate it – such as chatting regularly with people, hiding her phone, staying out late, or working during off-days. Your partner can also have mood swings, especially if she’s in a good mood when coming home and then suddenly changes it. Still, we don’t advise you to draw conclusions based on that behavior alone.