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Current Updates:
For available tenders in Afghanistan please visit Afghanistan Reconstruction and Development Services website
Bilateral negotiation on
WTO accession with Canada was signed in Geneva in July 2013
Foreign Investment Protection Agreement (FIPA) application was submitted on December 2012 and is in progress.

Good Reads:
A  least developed country  (LDC) is a country that, according to the United Nations, exhibits the lowest indicators of socioeconomic development   with the lowest Human Development Index   ratings of  lt all countries in the world. The concept of LDCs originated in the late 1960s and the first group of LDCs was listed by the UN in its resolution 2768 (XXVI) of 18 November 1971.   A country is classified as a Least Developed Country if it meets three criteria:
Poverty  (adjustable criterion: three-year average  
GNI  per capita of less than  US $992, which must exceed $1,190 to leave the list as of 2012)
Human resource  weakness (based on indicators of  lt nutrition,  health,  education  and adult  literacy) and
vulnerability  (based on instability of agricultural production, instability of exports of goods and services, economic importance of non-traditional activities, merchandise export concentration, handicap of economic smallness, and the percentage of population displaced by natural disasters)

Afghanistan is in the Least Development Countries Tariff list of Canada for details please follow this links:
Customs Tariff Departmental Consolidation Oct 01, 2014’,
General Preferential Tariff and Least Developed Country Tariff Rules of Origin Regulations
Afghanistan and Regional Trade More, or Less, Imports from Central Asia?

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