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Afghanistan Business Registration Procedures for Canadian companies

How do I register my Company in Afghanistan as a foreign Business?
A company must first be licensed and in good standing in the Canada to be licensed as a Canadian/foreign company in Afghanistan. You must also have a physical address, telephone # and contact for your office in Afghanistan. You may begin by having notarized a copy of your Canadian Business License, (if not incorporated) Articles of Incorporation (if incorporated) and any powers of Attorney and have each of these documents attested by your state and Federal Government authorities.
Have any Powers of Attorney translated into Dari (Farsi) or Pashto and include along with your original Canadian attested documents (from Step 1 above) to the Consulate Section of the Embassy of Afghanistan in Ottawa or Toronto or Vancouver for attestation of the final set of documents by the Afghan Government in Canada.
Take the final set of Consulate attested documents along with your company’s tax ID # and a copy of Canadian passports of key Principals of the company (President, V.P) to the Canadian Embassy in Kabul (Economic Section) for issuance of a referral letter to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Afghanistan in Kabul.
Bring your Canadian Embassy referral letter together with all documents to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Kabul (the Trade, Transit and Investment Directorate) who will the issue a final referral letter either to the Afghanistan Investment Support Agency (AISA) or the Ministry of Commerce & Industry (MoCI) depending on the nature of your work.
If your company deals with investment-related sectors including Services, Consulting, Logistics, Transport (see for full list and information), take all documents from above steps together with the license application to AISA to obtain an "Investment License". In order to obtain a "Trade" Business License (for Import/ Export activities) follow all the above stated procedures except that you should go to the MoCI Business Licensing Department for final processing of your license. In some cases you will need to register in both places, depending on the nature of your company’s work.

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