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Someone made a life-sized killer whale from sand and snow in B.C.

The beached whale looks real from afar.

People in Vancouver took the time this week to enjoy the wintry weather by creating impressive snow sculptures. 

A life-sized killer whale was crafted using snow and sand at Jericho Beach. On Friday afternoon, the rain was no match for the beached whale, and it still stood.

Onlookers and beach walkers stopped to take in the work of art with some questioning if it was real from a distance. 

Snowmen and women at the beach had West Coast features such as seashells for buttons. They did not have the same fate as the whale and were starting to melt from the rain. 

Over at Trout Lake in East Vancouver, a snow magician sculpted a Mr. Potato that was over six feet tall. 

The anonymous artists were not around to be interviewed about how they created the masterpieces. 

Freezing rain is expected on Friday, turning roads into ice rinks.

Environment Canada has issued a freezing rain warning for the Coquihalla Highway from Hope to Merritt. 

"A Pacific frontal system combined with lingering cold air is expected to produce an extended period of freezing rain,” says a meteorologist. 

"Snow that has developed overnight will transition to freezing rain this morning through the afternoon.”

Highways, roads, walkways and parking lots are expected to become icy and slippery.

Flurries or showers could return by Saturday morning.

Did you see more snow art in Vancouver and want to share it with us? Email [email protected]