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'Notice to quit': Vancouver restaurant closed as lease terminated after just 8 months

One of Kitsilano's newer spots is no more

After just eight months one of Kitsilano's newest restaurants has closed.

Qube, which brought Lebanese cuisine to 1850 W 4th Ave., was the venture of first-time restaurateur Daniel Berro. A newcomer to Canada originally from Lebanon, Berro opened Qube in September 2023. The menu showcased traditional Lebanese cuisine in modern interpretations, including dishes not found as often in Vancouver alongside Western-style fare using B.C. ingredients.

The restaurant occupied the space that was previously home to Glowbal's Trattoria for 15 years.

Now, less than eight months later after launch, the restaurant is closed.

Legal notices, including a "Notice to Quit," are taped to the front door. The documents state that the landlord has terminated the lease as the tenant has failed to pay rent in accordance with the lease agreement.

"The Tenant has failed to remedy this default after notice given by the Landlord," reads one notice.

The notices also state the tenant has to give up all access to the property.

"The locks on the doors have been changed to protect the premises and its contents," reads another of the notices. "Any forced or unauthorized entry to these premises will be deemed to be criminal trespassing."

The notices are dated April 19.

"The Landlord requires the Tenant and any others in occupation to quit and deliver up Vacant Possession of the Premises to the Landlord Immediately," reads another.

In an email to V.I.A., a representative for Qube confirmed the closure and indicated the business faced several challenges in the past few months, culminating in the landlord initiating legal proceedings as outlined in the notices posted at the restaurant.

Qube has been listed for sale since late last year. 

With files from/additional reporting by Lindsay William-Ross

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