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WorkSafeBC reports downward trend in work deaths, but 175 lives still lost in 2023

Occupational disease remains leading cause of work-related deaths in B.C.
Of the 175 work-related deaths in B.C. last year, asbestos exposure was one of the top contributors.

New data reveals a troubling number of workplace fatalities in British Columbia.

WorkSafeBC reported Sunday that 175 workers perished last year due to work-related injuries or illnesses.

That’s down from 181 in 2022 but still higher than the 161 who died in 2021.

The independent provincial agency said occupational disease, primarily asbestos exposure, was the top killer of workers in 2023, claiming 93 lives.

Traumatic injuries such as falls, being hit by objects and being caught in machinery accounted for 60 deaths.

Car accidents claimed 22 lives of workers.

A Day of Mourning for these workers was observed April 28.